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Which is better to compare Huawei glory magicbook Pro 2019 and Dell Lingyue 14? What's the difference

Huawei glory magicbook Pro 2019 and Dell Lingyue 14ran notebooks are two popular models in the market. These two notebooks are equipped with intel core processor and mx250 independent graphics card notebook. The screen size is different. The glory magicbook Pro is 16.1 inches, thinner, with Huawei's one touch transmission function, which is more suitable for office and learning. In terms of appearance, Dell 14ran will look better, Choose more colors, which is relatively cost-effective. Take a look at what the following friends say:

Huawei glory magicbook Pro quotes, so it will produce oxidation comment details over a long period of time.

Dell Lingyue 14 burning

take a look at what friends say:

1. Launch the new Magic Book Pro. The screen is so large for chasing dramas. 15 inch 1.7kg is also light and thin. It's not tiring to take it to the library. It's better if you still use Huawei to have a touch and pass it on, Girls love taking photos. It's very convenient to organize photos with this

2. It's better to honor Pro! There is nothing comparable about 5000! The deposit has been paid

3. If you can accept the low-frequency PWM dimming screen, you will honor the magic book. Dell 7K is not recommended, and the performance is extremely poor.

4. From the perspective of parameters, Dell Lingyue 14 is relatively cost-effective

5. If you are a fashionable white-collar or college student with Zhong Xiaoli and sustainable temperament, like to work freely and occasionally play games, glory magicbook is a good choice

details of the latest user comments on by Dell Lingyue 14>

glory magicbook Pro

II. Comparison of prices and user comments between Huawei glory magicbook 2019 and Dell Lingyue 14>:

1. Huawei glory magicbook Pro 2019:

reference price: ¥ 5499.00 (view event quotation)

user comments: 1 It supports the integrated design function of power button and press fingerprint, fast and safe nor magic link magic mutual transmission function, graphic and video one touch transmission, one touch recording screen, clipboard sharing 3.16:9 aspect ratio, FHD (Full HD) display, 5.2mm ultra narrow frame jumping on screen 4 Light to 1.45kg, thin to 15.8mm, slim design, lightweight 5 Support switching personal boot. This standard adds the quality requirements of raw materials logo 6 Long battery life of about 14 hours, support fast charging, meet the working hours of the whole day, use 71000 front camera, HD video call experience, 8.4k HD video playback, Dolby a**os sound effect, theater audio-visual enjoyment 9 Equipped with 65W adapter, it supports half an hour 40% fast charging and multi-purpose adaptation

2. Dell Lingyue 14 burning:

reference price: ¥ 4399.00 (check activity quotation)

user comments: the appearance is particularly good-looking, in line with my girlish heart, and fingerprint unlocking is super convenient. And the boot is also very fast. It's especially convenient for novices to guide voice words. In short, it's very porridge. Come back to evaluate it after a period of time. Love, love. Children who like it can download it. This is especially suitable for students who don't like playing games

III. summary:

the two notebooks Huawei glory magicbook pro2019 and Dell Lingyue 14burn have little difference on the whole. This Huawei glory magicbook pro2019 has more functions and is thinner. Dell Lingyue 14burn has higher cost performance and more appearance choices. China has reached international standards in the research and development of many materials. The two notebooks are mainly suitable for office, general games, learning, video and entertainment, You can choose according to your preference

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