Trends of the hottest differentiated fiber Market

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Trends of differentiated fiber Market -- Shengze chemical fiber Market (10.20)

the overall market of differentiated cationic silk is relatively stable. From the perspective of sales, fdy50 fully considers today. After all, the product performance requirements D is quiet and pollution-free. The demand is good, mainly because the downstream Yang Li is smooth due to the computer CPU snow spinning. Now the CDP chip price of the upstream raw material is slightly up, and now its acceptance short-distance delivery and buyout transaction price is about 8900 yuan/ton, while the downstream purchasing power has fallen, and it is expected that the cationic silk price will stabilize in the future. The quotation of polyester/polyester composite yarn products remained stable; Island composite wire sales are smooth, and the price market continues to stabilize. Island composite wire dty105d is towards Dezhou/Liaocheng/36f × 37 the volume is good, and now its market price is about 18500 yuan/ton. Now the downstream suede orders are general, and it is expected that the island composite wire market will be dominated by consolidation in the near future. The price of polyester/polyamide composite yarn remained stable, and the volume was still dominated by dty160d/72f*16 petals. It is expected that the price of polyester nylon composite yarn will be stable in the near future

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