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Congratulations! Many people in the printing and packaging industry won the title of "national model worker"

release date: Source: Heshan release Yunnan Federation of trade unions

on November 24, the national commendation Conference for model workers and advanced workers was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. 1689 people won the title of "national model worker" and 804 people won the title of "national advanced worker"

national labor models and advanced workers are selected and commended every five years, representing the highest honor of labor workers in China. According to media reports, the force value measured by crane is always too large or too small. Feng Xinyuan, director of printing technology of yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., Fu Bin, head of equipment section of Yunnan Hongta Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., and many other people in the printing and packaging industry were selected

In 2001, Feng Xinyuan joined the printing department of Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. and became a printing apprentice. With an unyielding drive, he became a competent printing press captain in only 9 months, and mastered the technical means of color proofreading, flexible operation and use of machines, etc

over the past 19 years, Feng Xinyuan has achieved the transformation of different roles step by step from a printing apprentice, a printing machine chief, a deputy section chief, a section chief, and a technical director of the printing department to the company's chief technician. Soil accumulates and becomes a mountain, while water accumulates and becomes a sea. Feng Ru's case cover and sleeve Xinyuan will show the multi-layer hard protective shell adopting the new ultracom combination technology with their own · words and deeds, a realistic and pragmatic working attitude, and have been struggling on the road of interpreting the original intention

since 2015, Feng Xinyuan has served as a skill committee member in the company's printing technology field, responsible for technical transformation and research and development, skill standards, cultivation process formulation, skill inheritance and other work, and thus helped the company successfully apply for the qualification of lithographic printer enterprise vocational skill level in 2019, boosting the company's skill talent cultivation

Feng Xinyuan has also built a skill system and test question bank that meets the national skill level certification, covering more than 600 technicians, and designed a relatively systematic and scientific training process. At present, more than 100 technicians have been trained for the company, and now they have become the technical backbone of the company and can be independent in their respective positions

Fu Bin, male, Han nationality, born in February 1965, is a college junior college engineer. He is now the chief of the equipment section of Yunnan Hongta Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. It has won the labor model of Yuxi City and the labor model of Yunnan Province. The selected fixture must have the most acceptable practical torque of 10 torque

he is an excellent representative of migrant workers. Since his work, he has always earnestly implemented the party's line, guidelines and policies, complied with national laws, regulations and various systems of the company, and fully played an exemplary role in all work

in business, he is diligent in research, continuously improves the professional and technical level and professional quality, and leads the colleagues in the equipment department to achieve good results in equipment technical transformation and energy conservation and consumption reduction. Successively organized and participated in the feasibility study, equipment introduction, installation and commissioning of emba244 four-color printing machine, seven layer corrugated board production line and gd1224 five-color printing machine; Actively exploring the work of replacing imported parts with domestic parts has saved funds for the company

facing the current situation that the production equipment has been used for a long time and has more and more faults, he has the courage to explore and actively study. Through unremitting efforts, he has completed a series of equipment technical transformation carried out by the company due to the development needs, thus ensuring the normal production of the equipment, providing a strong guarantee for the timely supply of the company, winning the trust of customers, maintaining the good reputation of the company, and making important contributions to the development of the company

in addition to Feng Xinyuan, the printing technology director of Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., and Fu Bin, the chief of the equipment section of Yunnan Hongta Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., many people in the printing, packaging, papermaking and paper products industry have won the title of national model worker

in the current era, it is of great social significance to carry forward the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the great character of the Chinese working class and the working people. This time, many industry insiders won the title of national model worker, which is not only an affirmation of their spirit, but also a concern for the whole industry

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