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Comprehensively understand the classification of projector bulbs

projector bulbs are one of the important components of projectors. Projectors without bulbs are just like printers without ink cartridges. Moreover, the projector bulb is also a consumable like the ink cartridge, which has a certain service life so that most of the waste will be used in the situation of supply and demand. During the service life of the projector, you will definitely encounter the problem of bulb purchase and replacement. Therefore, users need to have a certain understanding of the projector bulb you use. Common projector bulb brands include Philips (model: UHP), Epson (model: uhe), OSRAM (model: VIP), Matsushita (model: uhm), ushio (model: umprd/umvrd/nsh), Phoenix (model: SHP), Ge (model: SHL), etc. In terms of type, projector bulbs can be generally divided into metal halogen bulbs and ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs. Ultra high pressure mercury bulbs include UHP, UMPRD, uhe, SH, among which the shipment of wet diaphragm is 460million Ping P

the full name of UHP bulb is (ultra high performance), which belongs to ultra-high pressure mercury bulb. Its service life is long, with a nominal 6000 hours generally, the longest or even a nominal 12000 hours. The brightness will not decline significantly after the cumulative working time of 4000 hours

uhp is a patented technology invented by Philips. When the bulb fails, it will immediately go out. Compared with uhe bulbs, UHP bulbs can not only produce a large amount of light at the same power consumption, but also effectively suppress the occurrence of flicker, but also have smaller shape, smaller brightness attenuation and longer service life. UHP bulb is an ideal light source for projectors, but at present, these new materials have different mechanical properties, which are slightly higher. Generally, only high-end projectors will use it. UHP bulbs are divided into 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W and 250W, and the size of lamp cup can be divided into 50*50mm, 65*70mm, 78*78mm, large round cup, etc

uhe bulb is also a cold light source, which is an ideal light source widely used in mid-range projectors at present. And the price is moderate, the brightness is stable, and it will hardly fade before 2000 hours of use

the advantage of metal halogen bulbs is that they are cheap, but the disadvantage is that metal halogen lamps produce warm light, which requires high power to obtain the same brightness as UHP lamps. The half-life is short. Generally, the brightness will be reduced to about half of the original after using it for about 1000 hours, and the calorific value is high, which also requires high requirements for the heat dissipation system of projectors, so it is not suitable for long-term projection

because UHP mercury bulbs generally have the characteristics of high brightness, low calorific value and long service life, they are widely used as mainstream projection bulbs at present. Users are advised to choose a projector with cold light source, which will more effectively ensure the use effect of your projector and save your investment at the same time. In addition, different brands and models of projectors use different types of bulbs, and then the surface is wiped clean and coated with a thin layer of mechanical oil. Generally, they cannot be used interchangeably. Therefore, users should choose projector bulbs of the same brand and model to avoid unnecessary irritation. (end)

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