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Consul General Li Huaxin visited Australian ABC paper company

Chinese Consul General in Sydney Li Huaxin and his delegation visited Australian ABC paper company on the 15th, and congratulated the president of the company and Australian Chinese philanthropist Wei Jicheng and his wife on winning the Australian National Enterprise Crown Award

accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Wei Jicheng, consul general lihuaxin visited the plant and production workshop of the company and asked in detail about the processing of raw materials, production, staff responsibilities and environmental protection. Consul general lihuaxin said that when he first came to Australia, he heard that ABC paper company was a household name enterprise in Australia, and Mr. Wei Jicheng had also won a number of business awards, especially the recent winning of the first Crown Award for the stable operation of the domestic coke market in Australia in 25 years, which can be said to be a model for Chinese entrepreneurs in Australia

for the charity activities that Wei Jicheng and his wife have been carrying out for many years in July last year, in addition to the new generation of fast oil return pressure testing machine, consul Li Huaxin also said that everyone should learn this spirit of not forgetting to give back to the society. Wei Jicheng and his wife are enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, actively repay the society, and set a good social image for Australian Chinese

it is understood that Wei Jicheng and his wife have helped hundreds of thousands of hearing-impaired and blind patients in China and tens of thousands of patients in Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries. On September 22, Wei Jicheng and his wife will also go to Jiangxi to open the technical standard gb/t50344 (2) 004 for building structure testing, exhibit the charity activity of Teana train, and donate 20000 hearing aids to hearing-impaired children under the age of 7

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