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Compared with the Janet water purifier cxr550

the Janet water purifier can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The production range of cxr550-t1, ctr500-c5 and cr400 are the best-selling models of the Janet water purifier. The main difference is that the time of launch is different. This Janet water purifier cxr550-t1 is newly launched, and its performance is much improved compared with the previous ones. This is what my family started with. The water purifier is very good. High appearance value, small size, fast water outflow. The faucet light shows a reminder to replace the filter element. The main engine has three filter elements. The opening sound is low. Very good stuff

Janet water purifier cxr550-t1 further reduce the noise of the pump station more user comments>

quotation of other models of Janet water purifier>

I. Janet water purifier cxr550-t1, tmall event price:

the top 1111 pay a deposit to enjoy the price of computers as low as 1999 yuan! Slow hands

1.6l large flow tmall Genie app voice intelligent control

JD ¥ 2599.00 promotional price "; Tmall official ¥ 1999 second kill "

II. Configuration parameters of jianite water purifier big white S1:

the installer is very professional, and it will be installed in a short time. The brand mold should be heated to 150 ⑵ 00 too hard. The volume is very low when working, and it is almost impossible to hear when closing the door. The filtering effect is very good. The raw water quality tested is 190, and after filtration is 13. The raw water obviously has a taste of residual chlorine, and the taste is relatively hard, and the taste after filtration is relatively soft, The most important thing is that you can drink water safely in the future without worrying about water quality

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