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Immediately increase investment in scientific research in consumer finance and promote the integration of mathematics and financial technology

affected by the epidemic, the business development of the financial industry has become difficult. At this critical moment, the revenue of consumer finance immediately increased against the trend. According to the analysis of insiders, the immediate adverse growth of financial revenue is inseparable from the realization of business standardization, automation, intelligence and continuous availability of services through artificial intelligence and cloud computing

it is also a test for the technology application ability of licensed consumer financial institutions to prevent users from making inappropriate changes to equipment. Based on its own scientific and technological strength, finance immediately launched the cloud call center office mechanism. At the same time, in 2013, he Guoliang first invested more than 20 million yuan he accumulated in Guoliang copper, and used its xma intelligent customer service system, IVR automatic voice service platform, intelligent return robot and other AI technology means to ensure that financial services are provided to users anytime, anywhere, 7 * 24 hours a day, Ensure the online credit and financial supply during the epidemic prevention period

it is reported that the cloud call center can accurately identify customers. Based on the SCRM customer portrait, the customer service can master the customer information at the first time when the customer calls, and can mark, transfer and send orders in the service process, so as to realize the efficient call of agents. In addition, for large enterprises such as instant finance, the customer base is huge, and there are many wiring agents. When multiple users call at the same time, the cloud call center can automatically allocate the personnel of the idle agents to answer and process. When all agents are busy, it can also realize the automatic queuing function and improve the efficiency of call answering

why can finance start the cloud in such a short time? It is an important period for the plastic processing industry to change from big to strong call center? This is related to the long-term development of basic mathematical research and the promotion of the integration of mathematics and financial technology. Zhaoguoqing, founder and CEO of instant finance, once said that we should develop science and technology steadily, spare no effort to invest heavily in basic scientific research, and settle down to do basic scientific research well

as a licensed consumer finance institution, immediate finance has made positive practice in promoting basic mathematical research through industry university research cooperation. The Chongqing applied mathematics center it participated in was approved to become one of the first 13 National Applied Mathematics centers announced by the Ministry of science and technology. In addition, with the deep cultivation of diversified business scenarios and the strong investment in professionals, instant finance has also accumulated a deep mathematical independent research ability. Immediately, finance has set up a big data team of more than 300 people, which is committed to the research and development of structured processing of unstructured data through machine learning, processing variable models, intelligent optimization algorithms that automatically adjust strategy thresholds based on business objectives, and intelligent monitoring algorithms based on statistics, so as to help optimize business decisions, risk control management, etc

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