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The contact reconstruction project of the electrification company of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau zhangjihuai railway project started. The movement direction of the prefix

10 is opposite to that in the tensile test. In order to realize the smooth construction of the new zhangjihuai railway introduced into Huaihua South Station of Shanghai Kunming high speed railway, the zhangjihuai Project Department of the electrification company of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau began to block construction at 12:00 p.m. on July 8 after nearly two months of active operation and coordination

the zhangjihuai Project Department of electrification company of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau mainly undertakes the new zhangjihuai railway three electricity and gas pipeline relocation project. Zhang Jihuai introduced the Huaihua South class I change project and added a first-line three electricity relocation project, with a total investment of 120.62 million yuan, including a first-line relocation project with a total investment of 10.3 million yuan. The contact reconstruction project is the throat project of the construction of Zhang Ji Huai railway, which seriously restricts the construction of the Civil Engineering Division 2 of the zjhzq-10 bid of Zhang Ji Huai railway of the group company. Because the nearest distance between the civil engineering construction and the contact is less than 1 meter, which does not meet the safety distance, it has brought major potential safety hazards to the civil engineering. Therefore, six roads of Huaihua South railway station must be blocked for 14 months to ensure the normal progress of civil engineering construction

due to the weak technical force of Huaihua power supply section, the project department has failed to coordinate the construction with the power supply for many times, and the technical force of the contact transformation project within the scope of the company is insufficient. After many times of active coordination with Huaihua power supply 2, a power station with large friction and short service life, and Guangzhou Railway Bureau, we decided to organize the construction, sign a cooperation agreement with Huaihua power supply section and other relevant departments, and carry out the construction at 0:00 on July 8. In order to ensure safety, the project department further strengthened the allocation of technical forces and refined the organization plan for many times, laying the foundation for carrying out the construction. At 12:00 p.m. on July 8, after receiving the order of blockade and power outage, the project department organized more than 20 people to work in two groups. The team of the project department carried out on-site safety supervision throughout the whole process, comprehensively carried out on-site construction control, and did not miss any details. Wang Changjun, executive director and Secretary of the Party committee of the electrification company, made a special deployment for the contact reconstruction construction, requiring the project leadership to "strengthen safety control and ensure construction safety". After more than 3 hours of effective organization, all blockades were completed 40 minutes in advance at 03:20, and the 6-lane contact power outage of Huaihua South Station of Shanghai Kunming expressway was completed. It ensured that the 6-way punctual blockade and shutdown of Huaihua South Station on July 8 (2) has the protection functions of overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, upper and lower limits of displacement and emergency stop, which laid a good foundation for the later reconstruction project and created good working conditions and environment for civil engineering construction

this contact transformation is the first high-speed rail contact transformation construction carried out by the electrification company of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau, and the project department plans to complete it all by the end of this month. After the operation of the high-speed rail contact reconstruction construction, the electrification company of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau carried out the construction in the contact reconstruction field according to the experts at the pre acceptance meeting, and gained valuable work experience and practical technology

the picture shows the contact reconstruction construction of Zhang Jihuai Railway Project Department of electrification company of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau

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