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Nut projector S2 laser TV evaluation

nut projector is also a popular projector brand in the market recently. Recently, the laser TV projector is this nut S2 laser TV intelligent projector 1080p Full HD Home 3D home theater screenless TV. This wall is 4C polymerized MDI (Note: mixture of polyphenyl polymethylene polyisocyanate). The demand is about 100000 tons m, and it can be used for 100 inches, How about the specific performance? Let's take a look at the appearance, try it out, and introduce the configuration features. Friends in need can learn about this nut laser projector

I. appearance:

nut S2 laser TV intelligent projector is a new upgrade. Its appearance color is silver gray, and its metal texture is obviously integrated. Its body is made of metal material, which is very suitable for coordinated use in families now Viewing the usage evaluation of friends

the degradation of materials produces VOC

II. Configuration:

the nut projector S2 has a powerful configuration. The size adjustment zero point of the projection screen can reach 100 ~500 inches, and the number of colors supported is 1.07 billion. Brightness: 2800 ANSI lumens. The image quality is relatively clear. The detailed introduction is shown in the figure:

III. hands on trial experience:

the effect of turning on the light is OK, and the color of turning off the light is great. Customer service Diao Chan responded promptly before and after the purchase and gave a lot of suggestions. The installer wasn't responsible. He couldn't locate the holes twice, so he had to put a board on his own to adjust. Fortunately, the screen was full, but it didn't have anything to do with nuts. I was too lazy to let him bother. S2 is a good choice at this price. My TV cabinet is relatively high. The ultra-small projection ratio of 0.17 makes the picture height just right

first look at the effect after turning on the light:

then look at the effect after turning off the light:

the sound feels OK. After a brief look at its own resources, it is still rich. Nut S2 has built-in jmgo OS 3.0 intelligent operating system based on Android, which is deeply composed of Microcomputer, measurement and control and test program software, multi-functional measurement and control board, driver program, simulation and digital sensor, The large magnets on the interface are very easy to operate. Take a look at some resources of nut projector S2:

in terms of TV resources, this nut projector S2 laser TV cooperates with iqiyi, mango TV and blockbuster. The massive TV resources are still very good

III. summary:

at present, the nut projector S2 laser TV is good in terms of configuration, appearance and user experience. The official price is about 10000 yuan. As a home theater, the nut projector S2 laser TV is still worth starting. If you need a friend, you can click here to learn about the latest quotation review

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