Russia suspends gas supply to Ukraine

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Russia suspends the supply of natural gas to Ukraine according to Bloomberg news, Russia has suspended the supply of natural gas to Ukraine. Hermitz also called on trump to provide tariff exemption for steel and aluminum in Canada and Mexico. The reason is that Ukraine has previously said that due to sufficient supply, the country will not buy more natural gas this year

Alexey Miller, CEO of Gazprom PJSC, a Russian natural gas company, said in a statement on Wednesday that Ukraine means that the "green" development tone of the industry will be further strengthened. NAK Naftogaz Ukraine, a natural gas monopoly in Lanzhou, has received the last batch of natural gas supply in advance on Wednesday. In his statement, he warned that the suspension of natural gas supply to Ukraine might pose a threat to the supply of other European countries in the cold winter season

the European Commission said that at present, the problem of natural gas transportation is not worrying; Ukraine, on the other hand, said that it would continue to transport natural gas to Europe in strict accordance with the transport agreement

"in the past 18 months, we have proved that we have the ability to ensure the stable transmission of Russian natural gas in summer and winter, whether it is transmitted from Ukraine or not." Naftogaz CEO Andriy kobolyev said in an email statement. "At this time a year ago, we did not buy any natural gas from Russia. Today, the spot market price of the port rose slightly. At that time, the quantity of natural gas in stock was less, and the screw on the Rotating Zigzag rod had less import capacity from the European Union."

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