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There are still six major gaps between China's plastic machinery industry and the international level. Although the development of China's plastic machinery industry has been able to meet the needs of the domestic market, compared with developed countries and regions, there are still six gaps that cannot be ignored. " Sudongping, Secretary General of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, said in an interview a few days ago

there is a gap in the development concept and mode.

sudongping said: 'China's plastic machinery industry started from imitation, and then determined what model to produce according to the needs of the plastic market. This kind of passive decision-making is more suitable for the economic period of weak industry, lack of high-quality talents and shortage. After decades of development, China's plastic machinery industry has begun to take shape and has a certain strength and foundation for further development. At the same time, all industries are using plastic machinery. The original plastic processing industry, which is dominated by plastic factories, can no longer represent the buyer's market of plastic machinery. Therefore, we can no longer copy the previous model, but need to think about the problem under the premise of taking the buyer's market as the feature. "

according to sudongping, according to the internationally popular model, the tentacles of advanced plastic machinery manufacturers have already penetrated into the direct consumer market as the name suggests. They constantly study, find and discover the needs of the consumer market (including civil and industrial consumption), develop new plastic products by themselves, and then design machines and arrange process formulas for this purpose, until they provide equipment users with a set of turnkey projects, including processing equipment, that can successfully make a new product

this approach is completely different from the traditional passive mode of "what users need, what they produce", but a positive mode of actively guiding market consumption. To achieve this step, we need a large number of high-quality management talents with innovative spirit; Need a large number of interdisciplinary and cross industry high-quality scientific and technological talents; It needs an effective, extensive and cross industry social information circulation system

there is a gap in the design concept

at present, the popular design of foreign plastic machinery is to design and manufacture special equipment for the users of the equipment based on the principle of the demand of the products to be processed and the concept of making users win in the market. As a result, a large number of new technologies have emerged, such as three-dimensional loop technology, double bubble tube film method, metal plastic processing technology, mixing and injection technology, co rotating twin-screw direct extrusion technology, melt pump and hot runner technology, gas assisted and water assisted injection technology, and thus the so-called 'modular' design method has been introduced

Su Dongping pointed out that at present, most of China's plastic machinery enterprises are still using the traditional standard models and improved routines, trying to adapt to the ever-changing market demand and lack flexible market competitiveness. There is a gap in efficiency and energy saving

high speed, high efficiency and energy saving have been the main melody of the development of international plastic machinery in recent years. In this respect, most of the plastic machines in China have high energy consumption, which is more than twice that of the same type of machines abroad. The speed is generally one or two clamps of foreign equipment to separate and stretch half of the samples at a fixed speed; The product development cycle is about three times that of foreign countries, but the product life is half that of foreign countries. Sudongping takes the high-efficiency and energy-saving injection molding machine as an example, and points out that the energy consumption of the domestic machine is 2 ~ 4 times that of the foreign high-efficiency all electric injection molding machine. The extrusion technology with high production efficiency, the development of high-speed and efficient plasticizing system and the dual axis servo control system with energy saving, high efficiency and fast response speed need to be further improved

there is a gap in control level

internationally, advanced computer control systems have been adopted in succession to make the equipment more high-speed and efficient. For example, CANbus bus bus layout, advanced digital diagram control, networking control of multiple equipment in the workshop, and the establishment of remote service system through international interconnection have been used in the automotive industry

domestic measurement and control technology lags behind foreign countries for 10 ~ 15 years. There is a big gap between the control accuracy and product repetition accuracy and the advanced level of foreign countries. There is a gap in competitiveness

at present, the annual output of China's plastic machinery products accounts for about 25% of the world's total output, but the output value only accounts for about 9%. According to the internationally recognized evaluation method for enterprise competitiveness, the overall level of Chinese enterprises is significantly lower than that of their international counterparts from the four parameters that show the competitiveness of enterprises: sales, return on investment, research and development investment, production scale and capacity

in terms of equipment products, compared with industrial developed countries such as Germany, Japan and Italy, the gap of China's plastic machinery products is mainly manifested in low added value, few varieties, high energy consumption, low control level and unstable performance

sudongping believes that due to the gap between domestic equipment in terms of economic benefits and competitiveness, China is the most accurate and highly dependent on the standards of foreign advanced high-end plastic machine equipment and experimental machines. For example, the plastic pelletizing unit in large-scale ethylene projects, the precision injection molding machine required in electronic and communication projects to produce its carrier CD, the large-scale injection molding machine required in the automotive industry, the large-scale multi-layer hollow molding machine, the multi-layer hollow molding machine in the packaging industry, and the precision extruder required in the medical and health field have been imported for a long time. Its main structure includes a rotary collet that can rotate in both positive and negative directions, This is in sharp contrast to China's status as a large plastic machinery producer

there is a gap in the concept of equipment renewal

compared with the fact that Chinese enterprises often spend hundreds of thousands or millions of foreign exchange to buy foreign advanced equipment, the equipment renewal of foreign enterprises is not always to spend money to buy new equipment, but to constantly transform the old equipment when conditions permit. The transformation content is mainly the control system. They will constantly update the control system and key components of old equipment until the current full closed-loop digital control. In this way, not only the machining accuracy and level of the existing equipment of the enterprise are improved, but also the cost is low

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