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Russia plans to build a pipeline to export crude oil to India through Xinjiang April 29, 2014 China paint information recently, according to foreign media reports, Ukraine was originally a retired person engaged in production who initiated the construction of this project. The Kelan incident has strained relations between Russia and Western countries, so the former is actively seeking diversification of oil and gas exports. Russia and India are planning to build an oil pipeline through Xinjiang, China, with a cost of about 30billion US dollars. If the project is implemented, it will become the most expensive oil pipeline in the world

according to the data of the central dispatching Bureau of the Russian fuel and energy complex, Russia exported 234.86 million tons of oil in 2013, a decrease of 2.1% compared with 2012

among them, 206.78.3 million tons of oil were exported to non CIS countries, a decrease of 0.54%, and 28.078 million tons of oil were exported to CIS countries, a decrease of 2.32%. 20134. fabric tensile testing machine: the textile industry needs to test the peeling, puncture and tearing of fabrics. The annual transit transportation of Kazakh oil decreased by 5.62% to 18.209 million tons

at present, Russia's energy industry is undergoing major transformation, and its oil exports are transferring to Asia through the eastern Siberian Pacific oil pipeline. A draft energy strategy released by Russia at the beginning of this year shows that the country plans to at least double its oil and gas exports to Asia in the next 20 years, with its focus further away from Europe

according to the documents released by the Russian Ministry of energy on the station, one of Russia's goals is to diversify its exports. The proportion of oil and petroleum products exported to Asia will reach 23% by 2035. At that time, 32% of Russian oil will be exported to Asia, and the proportion of natural gas will rise from 6% to 31%. At present, Europe is the main export market of Russian natural gas

at present, India's rapid social and economic development has led to an increasing demand for energy. However, due to the severe economic sanctions imposed by western countries on Iran, India is unable to buy oil from Iran. In order to cope with the domestic energy shortage, India is actively exploring foreign importers of oil and gas resources

according to the data released by the Indian Embassy in Moscow, India imported a small amount of oil from Russia, which was only US $176million in 2012, and the bilateral trade volume was US $11billion

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