Safe and stable operation of Qinshan nuclear power

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Safe and stable operation of Qinshan nuclear power station

Qinshan nuclear power station has overfulfilled the annual power generation task a few days ago, and has successfully separated from China Eastern power for integration and restructuring, entering the fifth refueling maintenance stage

Qinshan nuclear power station, located in Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, is the first nuclear power station independently designed and built in China. Since this year, it has generated a total of 2.035 billion kwh of power, provided 1.903 billion kwh of power to East China power, and the number of days of full power operation has reached the third since it was put into operation. Its safe and stable operation plays a positive role in promoting the localization of nuclear power in China

according to relevant experts, Qinshan nuclear power station once carried out comprehensive equipment renovation during the fourth refueling. This year's operation performance shows that we achieved the expected effect through the maintenance of clamping samples (or products) with clamps, and the equipment related to nuclear safety operates well. The monitoring by the environmental protection department shows that the operation of the power station has no impact on the surrounding environment, and the relevant data are always kept within the standards defined by national regulations

at the same time, the construction of Qinshan nuclear power base phase II project with two 600000 kW and phase III project with two 700000 kW nuclear power fixtures is also progressing smoothly. The main technical parameters: it has fully entered the equipment installation stage. It is expected that power generation will be completed successively in 2002 and 2003


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