Russia decides to cut import tariff of coated pape

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On April 22, Russia announced that the import corrugated pipe ring stiffness tester for coated paper would you use it? The tariff would be reduced from 15% to 5%. The decision will be implemented on May 22 and will be valid for 9 months

the products with reduced import tariff include all chemical pulp coated paper (CWF), low weight coated paper (LWC) and medium weight coated paper (MWC). Belarus and Kazakhstan, which recently concluded a customs union with Russia, will also implement this resolution

in february2010, once the plan to reduce import tariffs was proposed, it caused disputes among Russian market participants

some observers, including paper producers, believe that the government should strengthen the domestic production of these products; Others believe that taking into account the development of the domestic publishing industry, this is a more positive measure. According to the analysis of experts in the industry, due to the high import tariff of coated paper, up to 70% of magazines in Russia are printed in neighboring countries. Once the import tariff is reduced, the domestic printing industry is expected to grow, and it is also conducive to the printing plant to update various mechanical property test equipment for plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood panels in accordance with the requirements of the national standard

market participants also suggested that the excess capacity in Western Europe and the relatively small scale of the coated paper market in Russia determine that continuous import is a reasonable choice

at the same time, the production of domestic coated paper immediately started

Kama paper mill 7 paper machine located in Perm area is planned to start in mid-2010. The company invested US $90million to build this production line, with an estimated annual output of 80000 tons of low weight coated paper

the annual demand for coated paper in Russia in the first half of the year, the total profit (import) of member enterprises of Sinosteel association is estimated to be between 320000 and 350000 tons, of which 150000 tons are imported in the form of web paper and the rest 170000 to 200000 tons are imported in the form of printed magazines

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