Russia plans to cut prices on natural gas supply t

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Russia plans to reduce the price of natural gas supply to Ukraine 18332.2 ⑵ 001 "standard puncture test of nickel metal hydride batteries for electric road vehicles"

may 2014 laid the foundation for China to lead the development of the international graphene industry 30 days

[China coating information] according to a report by Russia's Tass News Agency on May 27, Under the same processing conditions, Gazprom president Miller said in an interview with Russian 24-hour television that Russia plans to reduce the price of natural gas supplied to Ukraine, on the premise that Ukraine will first pay US $2billion in natural gas debt and US $500million in advance, and the way of price reduction will be to exempt export tariffs. Mi said that only when Ukraine agrees to the above conditions, the two sides can negotiate the price reduction of natural gas to meet the growing demand

it is reported that at present, the debt owed by Ukrainian national gas company to Gazprom has reached US $3.5 billion

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