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Forced by the pressure of house prices, many rigid demand families choose small houses, so how to decorate small houses into large space is the concern of all small house owners. Next, Xiaobian introduces to you a 60 square meter simple style decoration effect drawing, simple modeling design and simple color matching, which makes small houses spacious and bright, but also fashionable and elegant

simple white creates a spacious and bright effect. With the wooden dining table and seats with clean lines, it is quite Nordic style, and also makes the whole restaurant look more simple and quiet. The tableware with warm colors on the table, the whole space is pulled into a lively and warm atmosphere. Deduce vitality and sweetness for the room

the overall use of extremely simple white makes the bedroom decoration show a pure effect, but the decoration is delicate and smooth. White storage furniture and white upholstered bed outline a simple and atmospheric living atmosphere. The highlight of the local bright color system makes the bedroom warm; Green potted plants integrate natural forms into the bedroom; This simple collocation gives the room another simple beauty. Oneortwo simple shelves are designed at the corner of the wall to facilitate the placement of clothing

the combination of pure white and elegant blue, together with the background wall of mosaic design, makes the design of the small kitchen very fashionable. The pure white wooden kitchen cabinets and shelves, coupled with clean metal countertops, just echo the simple black-and-white tones in the kitchen. Coupled with the water blue refrigerator, the whole kitchen exudes natural freshness and tranquility. A small wooden ladder is placed between it and the kitchen cabinet, which can stack all kinds of kitchen supplies, killing two birds with one stone

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