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After the house is decorated, if the air quality is not up to standard, you can claim compensation from the decoration company. Yesterday, the indoor environmental testing center of Jiangxi environmental monitoring center reminded consumers that if the decoration was commissioned by a decoration company, they should not only check the "visible details" but also the "invisible details" - air quality. When entrusting decoration companies to decorate, the indoor air quality should also meet the standard. For a long time, most consumers have ignored or do not understand that they have the right in this regard

yesterday, Ms. Zhu, a resident of Nanchang, told this newspaper that she hired a decoration company to decorate her new house this year. At the time of acceptance, I was quite satisfied with the overall effect, but when I found that the indoor smell was bad, I suspected that the air quality pollution was serious. The decoration company told her that all new houses were like this, and it would be fine in a month or two. After ventilating the new house for more than a month, Ms. Zhu found that the indoor smell was still heavy. She wants to know whether this situation is a quality problem? Can you find a decoration company theory

to this end, the reporter interviewed Wan Xiang, director of the indoor environmental testing center of Jiangxi environmental monitoring center station. Wan Xiang introduced that China has implemented the measures for the administration of residential interior decoration, It clearly stipulates the requirements for "indoor environmental quality": "if the decorator entrusts an enterprise to decorate the interior of the residence, the air quality shall meet the relevant national standards after the completion of the decoration project. The decorator can entrust a qualified testing unit to test the air quality. If the test is unqualified, the decoration enterprise shall rework and the person responsible shall bear the corresponding losses."

at present, there are two applications for decoration entrusted by consumers to decoration companies: one is full trust, the other is that decoration companies provide design, auxiliary materials and construction, and consumers provide main materials. In the first case, consumers can completely ask the testing unit to test the air quality at the time of acceptance, and require the decoration company to rework if it is unqualified; In the latter case, decoration companies are easy to argue with consumers, because they will deny that the pollution is caused by the materials they provide

How can consumers use national standards to protect their legitimate rights and interests? Wan Xiang introduced three necessary measures: one is to add a sentence when signing the contract, that is, when signing the decoration contract, if there is no indoor environment clause in the original contract, the sentence "must meet the national indoor environmental air quality standard" must be added. The second is to leave a sample after purchasing materials, that is, when purchasing interior decoration materials or inviting decoration companies to purchase materials, consumers had better leave a sample. Once indoor environmental pollution problems are found after the completion of the project, it can be used as the basis for judging responsibility. Third, there should be an indoor environmental testing report during the project acceptance, because according to the relevant national requirements, the new, expanded and reconstructed civil construction projects should be tested for indoor environmental pollution, otherwise, the project handover and acceptance cannot be carried out

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