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Because wallpaper has a series of advantages, such as strong decoration, high environmental protection, scrub resistance and so on, more and more families choose wallpaper to decorate their home walls. However, after people decide to use wallpaper as wall decoration material, they often only pay attention to the pattern and material of wallpaper in the early stage, but they don't pay enough attention to the wallpaper accessories and construction. When the wallpaper appears problems such as falling off, blistering, obvious seams and so on after it is put on the wall, they can go to find a new construction master, and then buy wallpaper and related accessories again. Construction is the most important link to show the good effect of wallpaper. Only masters who have sufficient professional skills and can carry out standardized construction can ensure the construction quality of wallpaper and prolong the service life of wallpaper. Why do we have to choose good construction workers to carry out good wallpaper construction

◆ the quality of the wall base is the most important

there is a saying: only with a good foundation can we have face. No matter how good the wallpaper is, it needs to be paved on the wall to show the decorative effect, so the quality of the wall also determines the service life of the wallpaper

the composition of walls in our country is to directly apply putty on cement walls, so wallpapers are generally pasted on the putty layer. Can the putty layer wall be directly pasted with wallpaper? Obviously, the answer is No. To lay wallpaper on the putty layer, the first step is to select the right wallpaper accessories according to the characteristics of the wall, and brush the wall base film. A good construction worker will choose suitable wallpaper accessories according to the characteristics of the wall &mdash& mdash; Wall base membrane, for example, for latex paint walls, special wall base membrane for latex paint is required, and some walls that are easy to lose powder will choose permeable wall base membrane, while general walls, walls that will have subtle cracks, will choose Jialifeng steel wall base membrane

a good wallpaper construction master will measure the wall surface before construction, and then determine what kind of wall base membrane to choose for wall surface treatment, so that the wall surface can achieve clean, flat, dry and pollution-free construction conditions

◆ different construction methods should be used for different materials

according to different wallpaper materials, the construction methods vary, and there is no so-called universal construction method. A good construction master will choose the correct construction method according to the different wallpaper materials and patterns. For example, according to the different surface materials, wallpapers are generally divided into PVC wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers and pure paper wallpapers. The different raw materials used lead to the completely different characteristics of each kind of wallpapers

pvc wallpaper is made of PVC material, which is a kind of vinyl polymer. It adopts the way of gluing on the back of the paper. Generally, the construction of glued wallpaper can be carried out after 5 minutes of gluing. The raw material of pure paper wallpaper is paper, which needs to be glued on the paper for 5-8 minutes to fully expand and absorb water, so as to avoid the problem that pure paper wallpaper is easy to show cracks

the wallpaper has different patterns. If the construction is improper, the wallpaper will be ugly. Some patterned Wallpapers need to adopt the form of misplaced flowers, so that the flowers are spliced in place, and the effect of wallpaper paving will be good. For plain wallpaper, it is generally paved on the front and back, because this can avoid the problem of the dark side

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